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We create digital products for engineers and constructors who make
Facade Logistics
Precast Elements Tracking
Material Management



Acceptance management
Damages Management


Building monitoring
Sensors Data Analysis


Quality Management
Document Management
We develop technical solutions to manage documents, risks, and the construction processes of building tunnels, skyscrapers, and stadiums. Our systems manage employee shifts, collect and analyze data from all kinds of devices sensors, integrate buildings 3D models. Our products are used on construction sites with million-dollar budgets.

About us

Natlex develops web and mobile applications that used on construction sites anywhere from Canada to Singapore.

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Participating in IT-workshops and conferences

We like to party

Paid internship through live project
International distirbuted team

Speaking English, German, and other languages

Flexible working hours
We work in cooperation with a major European group of companies specializing in large-scale international construction projects.

Its activities include: Transportation Infrastructures, Building Construction and Сivil Engineering.

our partner

our products
are all over the world

R’n’D center
Stuttgart, Berlin, Viennа
In 20+ countries


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our values


Our teams are supported with comfortable workspaces. The company pays for your education, courses, and conferences, build transparent relationships, and support your ideas with attention, resources, and finances.
The company values direct and transparent communication. There is a matrix of roles and levels for each member which brings definite responsibilities. Every employee gets an annual performance review and a 360 degrees assessment. Every quarter there is a financial report of the company being announced.


There are flexible working hours in the company. We support hobbies, sport, and inner team meet-ups financially. Couches are invited to improve our soft skills. There are also opportunities to attend a psychologist, an oculist and a neurologist.

Work-life balance


There is no strict hierarchy in the company, but there are areas of responsibility. The company trusts every employee and he or she can properly allocate time and effort.
Employees of the company have doubts, ask questions, share new ideas, ask for help and talk about their desires.


Employees are motivated, professionally growing, and developing with the company. Employees are interested in the result and quality of the work performed.

Desire for growth


we value in people